Friday, October 28, 2011

A Breakthrough Of Sorts

Today was, in some respects, a victory, and in other respects a defeat.

This was the first iteration in which I have not attempted a usurpation in some time.

On one, very valid hand, this represents a key point in which I have not succumbed to my usual melancholy and done something extremely rash and pointless.

On the other, equally valid hand, this shows that I have given up.  I have accepted the facts for what they are, and have not violently denied another what I so crave in order to grant myself scants weeks, days, or perhaps even hours of comfort from a doom that I know recognize I can never truly avoid.

Which I suspect is exactly the point.  Young Master Vinton would not have it any other way, I would presume.

I shall endeavor to see what can be made of this place regardless, however.  While I will not give into previous temptations, I will try to make what time I have here as fruitful as possible.

Before this place, too, falls into silence.

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