Saturday, October 29, 2011

Uncertain Path

I may not have thought my current course of action through.  Or, rather, I believe I have miscalculated just how important continual Usurpation is.

The more iterations I go without Usurping, the harder it will, in the future, be, until it reaches that point where Usurpation is fundamentally impossible.  Granted, it is easier to Usurp in some iterations rather than others, but the point still stands--by not Usurping here, I am hindering my ability to do so in later iterations.

Maybe I should.  Perhaps the afterlife is a separate thing from what we think of as reality.  Perhaps I am doing them a favor by Usurping them.

But those are empty words, I fear.  My true reasons for Usurpation remain the same:  the desire for self-delusion.  To be able to believe that I am, in fact, in the company of my own family.  That they are not strangers, they are my beloved.

It is a lie.  A lie that rings increasingly hollow with every new iteration.

And yet, still, it is not without its comfort.

I must think on this further.  After all, I have nothing if not time.

At least, until I don't.

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